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Can Science Prove that God Exists

Can Science Prove that God Exists Does God exist and can science find the proof? Science tries to find how everything works and our quest is to understand how the universe works. Knowledge is power and

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COVID-19 Changes the World

COVID-19 Changes the World  First of all, I hope everyone you know is safe and not infected by the coronavirus. The world as we know it has changed overnight. We have seen Zombie Movies for too long

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How Much Energy is in the Universe

How Much Energy is in the universe?The energy that created the Big bang event was almost certainly photon radiation.Today I was wondering if that energy had all the qualities of mass, gravity, temperature,

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Einstein Was Wrong

Einstein was Wrong Many have tried to prove Einstein was wrong and many have failed. Some think his vision of gravity is wrong and some think Special relativity has mistakes. This article finally shows

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How Many Dimensions Are There

How Many Dimensions Are ThereHow many dimensions exist within the Universe?  Maybe 11 or 2...The scientific thinking is that the entire universe is made up of one spacetime dimension and that it contains

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