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Our invisible Light

Our invisible Light How does the study of Science and Light help us use the Law of Attraction? As mentioned in my Big Bang theory, non-physical Light from a non-physical dimension was pushed out into Absolute

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The Law of Attraction and other Super Powers

The Law of Attraction and other Super Powers A great way to start the day is by using our personal super powers!! But beware of the risks… Super Powers always come with some kind of unusual side

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Butterfly and The Law of Attraction

The Mirror and the Butterfly​ Monarch Butterflies are miracle workers. They have inspired me on more than one occasion to use the Law of Attraction. How is it possible that they will fly thousands of

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Your Dreams

DreamscapeHi There...   Walt Disney is credited by saying “If you can dream it, you can do it”.I want you to know that daydreams, or your constant thoughts are part of your dream story or

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